• Our R & D activities are our most important competitive advantage to obtain success and continous growth in accordance to our strategy and growth goals.  Our investments to the R & D department constitute a significant part of our income and this part has been increasing each year.
  • Products are developed specifically for the target markets. We have developed our own molds, tools and production devices (automation) dedicated to the each product's process.  We have manufactured most precise processes inhouse and they are supported by the competitive technologies of our experienced staff who follows up to date global developments.

We are committed to R & D departments relentless work to reach our goals and use the latest technologies available.

  • Design validation with deep down virtual engineering analyses;
  • Detailed Laboratory and Customer Tests on the prototypes;
  • Products specific for the target markets are developed with the molds, apparatus and devices designed and manufactured at home, are supported by the competitive technologies by our experienced staff who follows all the innovations in the sector.
  • Our aim is to decrease the cost of healthcare services and improve the patient-nurse safety. Our committed R & D personnel relentlessly work for this with the latest technologies at their service.
  • Products suitable for the customer requests are commissioned with our indigenous R & D methodology and the mobilization of our creative power.

Developments in new and existing products are put into customer's service by the following steps;

  • Completed concept and detailed designing phases;
  • Confirmed theoretically with engineering analyses;
  • Detailed Laboratory and Field Test done on the prototypes developed;
  • Utilizing project management techniques.